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The Customer-centric Evolution
Customer-centricity has moved from the last step of the process to the starting point.

Uncovering Opportunity: The True Potential of the Underserved Market.
Explore strategies to define, evaluate and execute an underserved strategy to unlock new revenue streams.

Retail Banking Best Practices Video
Insight and best practices for financial institutions to attract, grow and retain profitable households.
Retail Banking: The Future of Demand Deposit Accounts
Discover how alternative data can help you more accurately assess DDA risk and opportunity.


Deeper knowledge and detailed insights

Equifax Retail Banking DDA Solutions give you the tools you need to optimize household growth across all product types and at every stage of the household lifecycle. In addition to acquiring more profitable new accounts, we can also help you address other key issues including how to:

  • Retain profitable household accounts
  • Mitigate transactional fraud
  • Uncover opportunities with existing customers
  • Regain lost revenue due to new industry regulations
  • Respond effectively and efficiently to fast-evolving regulations
  • Make the right offers, at the right time, to the right prospects

Every dollar must count—especially marketing dollars

You need to work smarter and more efficiently than ever before to lift your marketing performance in essential areas including targeting, origination and lifecycle management. Learn More

Make stronger customer decisions by gaining a wider view of risk

Using a fresh source of financial and non-financial data from Equifax, you can get a more comprehensive view of a consumer’s financial obligations to help you more accurately predict Demand Deposit Account performance for a broader audience of low-risk consumers, and discover new sources of fee income with an optimized account management and decisioning process. Learn More

Smart solutions for reducing fraud

To help you quickly recognize and stop more types of account fraud, Equifax offers effective solutions to fight synthetic and true-name fraud, along with real-time detection of velocity and behavioral patterns that are indicative of suspicious activity. Learn More

Compliance solutions help you make better decisions

The potential penalties for not being in compliance have never been higher. We have been helping the financial services and securities industries understand risk and compliance for more than 40 years, with a comprehensive database of more than 15,000 sources and millions of names of individuals and entities involved in illegal activity.  Learn More

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