Holistic Marketing Measurement Drives Business Success

Equifax commissioned Forrester to explore the current state of marketing measurement. The resulting research found that, though all firms are measuring the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, a particular subset of marketers is much more mature than the majority of firms. These mature leaders see exponential business benefits from their efforts. 

Key Findings from Forrester:

  • Most firms are still on their way to mature measurement
  • Data issues prohibit measurement insights and activation
  • Marketing measurement leaders distinguish themselves with better data management and activation processes
  • Leaders see an average of $74 million in additional revenue as a direct result of their work
How mature is your organization in Marketing Measurement? Access this paper and see key recommendations from Forrester on actions you can take to become a leader and reap significant business benefits.
Read the Forrester Study
Leader of the Pack: How Holistic Marketing Measurement Drives Business Success


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OptimaHub Marketing Measurement

Equifax delivers the customer journey analytics and marketing measurement tools needed to measure and value every moment across the sometimes convoluted path of the customer journey. OptimaHubTM enables clients to analyze, visualize and optimize the customer journey by identifying what works, knowing what doesn’t work, boosting advertising effectiveness, and forecasting and planning ad spend.

For more information on optimizing your marketing efforts with marketing measurement visit www.equifax.com/marketingattribution.

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