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Quarterly Insights from Equifax - November 2017
Exploring the fundamentals of digital customer engagement

Digitization offers communications and utility service providers an opportunity to align with consumer expectations around efficient, seamless and personalized interactions – an element that is vital to acquiring millennials and subsequent digital-native generations. To help you better meet the demands of a digital society, this issue of the newsletter explores how taking an advanced customer-centric approach to online and mobile experiences can be advantageous. Having the most essential components of a streamlined digital experience helps you to simplify onboarding, improve account management and drive greater retention.

Enhancing consumer experience and profitability in a digital society

Digital devices have enabled consumers to do more on-the-go, but it also increases the pressure on service providers to meet consumer expectations across more touchpoints. As you work to deliver better consumer online and mobile experiences, where should you focus? Read this article on how communications and utility service providers can transform their digital strategy to better meet consumer needs.

Article: Digital Transformation—Meet the Needs of the Evolving Consumer Expectations Landscape

Optimal online and mobile experiences put consumer needs first

A consumer-centric approach enables communications and utility providers to develop more profitable acquisition channels, improve fraud prevention and streamline identity verification, and lower attrition. Let’s review the three key ingredients that are essential to a consumer-first digital experience.

Presentation: The Three Key Components of a Consumer-first Experience

Targeting millennials? Digital media may be the way to go

When consumers can view the TV shows and movies they want, at the time they want, it’s no surprise that streaming digital video on desktop and mobile devices continues to rise. Read this article about the potential to reach high-income millennials via over-the-top (OTT) digital media.

Article: OTT Flaunts a Whopping 98% Ad Engagement

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