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Equifax:  Your Number #1 for Day 1
The income, employment and asset verifications you need for Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty™

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As the first designated third party provider of verifications for the Fannie Mae DU® validation service, Equifax delivers the experience and solutions you need – making Day 1 Certainty as easy as 1-2-3.

Day 1 Certainty – It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Through Equifax, you can take advantage of all Day 1 Certainty solutions – it’s as easy as 1-2-3! 

Step 1:  Contract for all eligible Equifax solutions (if already contracted, you’ll just need to opt in for Audit By Loan Number (ABLN)).

Step 2:  Activate the appropriate Institution ID with Fannie Mae.

Step 3:  Start ordering from Equifax.

Day 1 Certainty Solutions from Equifax

Income and Employment Verifications
Through Equifax, you can verify employment and income information in seconds with The Work Number®, the largest database of instantly available employment and income records, as provided by employers. If your applicant’s information isn’t instantly available on the database, Equifax agents can contact the applicant’s employer and fulfill the verification on your behalf.

 IRS Income Verification (4506-T tax transcript service)
Through a direct connection to the IRS, our 4506-T tax transcript service provides an efficient and streamlined process for retrieving all tax transcript forms. With up-front quality checks on every order and robust QC reporting capabilities, Equifax delivers faster results with fewer rejections from the IRS.

Additionally, Equifax offers access to Record of Account, which provides insight into tax lien information – delivering the data you need to help further mitigate risk.

Asset Verification

Through an alliance with FormFree, we can offer Asset Verification through AccountChek™, a service that allows you to securely order asset information, collected directly from the financial institution.  This information may help you analyze and certify a borrower’s financial data, as well as eliminate the need for borrowers to collect, copy and submit paper statements.  

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