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A partnership with Equifax means you’re ready for victory with a suite of identity verification, authentication, and fraud detection and prevention products that will help reduce the cost of fraud, improve the customer experience and protect brand reputation. It’s the decisive solution to ensure you win the battle against fraud. Play smarter. Arm yourself and prevail with simply better intelligence.

FraudIQ gives your business the competitive advantage:

Reduce fraud at account opening with process improvement tools and better intelligence to ensure your fraud program is positioned to win from the start

Stay two steps ahead with best-in-breed standards like multi-pronged authentication using biometric, device and knowledge technologies to confirm identities transacting through remote channels

Enjoy flexible & scalable deployment and integration that empowers your organization with the tools that fit your needs, from a single product, such as scores and alerts, to the comprehensive suite

Be informed by industry-leading proprietary data and an expanded reach with information from contributor exchanges of known fraudsters

Reduce customer friction and protect your customer relationships with passive identity check alert of synthetic identities — without disrupting the acquisition process

Create your own protection program with customized identity, fraud-scoring models and attributes that are layered into the acquisition process

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New-Account fraud is projected to accelerate by 44% with annual loses anticipated to reach nearly $8 billion.

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