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An end-to-end solution to beat fraudsters at their own game

Equifax’s FraudIQ™ suite leverages unique, differentiated data and powerful insights that help you win against fraud throughout the customer lifecycle. From account acquisition to management, our end-to-end solutions proactively position you with winning strategies to verify and authenticate identities and detect and mitigate fraud—and beat the fraudsters at their own game.

Manage fraud prevention and mitigation needs:
It's a win-win for you and your customers

Reduce the Cost of Fraud

Verify identities and spot potential fraud to help lower acquisition and operational costs

Improve Customer Experience

Risk-based authentication helps reduce friction and improve customer relationships

Protect Your Reputation

Instill customer confidence in your fraud processes and better manage regulatory compliance

Win with FraudIQ Across the Lifecycle

1. Account Acquisition

Defense begins at the beginning. Whether it is identity fraud, application fraud or the challenges posed by synthetic identities, proactively engage with automatic verification and authentication strategies that simultaneously satisfy compliance requirements.

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2. Account Management

Successful fraud mitigation is a long game. Post-acquisition fraud, like account takeover, is just as desirable a target to fraudsters. FraudIQ enables trustworthy customer interactions that let you effectively service customers while protecting your good name and bottom line.

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Featured Insights

New-Account fraud is projected to accelerate by 44% with annual loses anticipated to reach nearly $8 billion.

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