Customer data is one of your greatest assets. But the pot of gold could be dead weight if not leveraged to gain the appropriate insights. Data-driven Marketing solutions from Equifax can help financial marketers:

  • Link proprietary customer data points with each other and with our unique data, for a 360-degree, actionable customer view
  • Reveal fresh insights and find ideal customers using Equifax direct-measured household economic data and analytic resources
  • Engage customers and prospects with the right messages and offers, through their preferred communication channels
  • Measure the business impact of marketing investments and strategies to improve current campaigns and plan future initiatives

Assess your own data-driven marketing now.

Using our checklist, “Sizing Up Your Customer Acquisition Strategy: A Guided Self-Assessment for Financial Services,” you will gain insight into how our years of expertise helping organizations like yours meet their growth goals can help you drive your customer acquisition strategy.