Better understand your business by bringing your data to life

Big data is raw, dense and complicated. Yet, what if you could quickly visualize the insights residing within it, and get the fresh narrative you need to advance your business?

Equifax Ignite™ Marketplace can help. As an online, one-stop shop of pre-built applications (apps), it can help “bring big data to life” with real-time data visualizations. The apps leverage multiple data sources within the Equifax Ignite™ environment to produce configurable tables, graphs and charts with interactive fields and data points that allow you to dig down even deeper into the data.

Now, instead of relying on IT teams or a complicated technology infrastructure, business users such as executives, risk managers and business analysts can:

  • Quickly access and analyze large amounts of industry data from multiple sources in a centralized location
  • Easily visualize the status of and changes in business environments from your phone, tablet or laptop
  • Get actionable insights and visibility into benchmarking, performance and markets, and specific answers related to unique business challenges
Data security and protection are covered

For the strongest security coverage, all data used within Equifax Ignite™ Marketplace apps is aggregated, anonymous data, not individual-level data. This helps ensure that consumers—and your business—remains protected at all times from data theft and fraud.

Get everyone on the same page

Equifax Ignite™ Marketplace apps are fully integrated with the larger Equifax Ignite™ portfolio, which helps empower executives and managers to collaborate with data and analytic experts on specific issues and initiatives.

Equifax Ignite Ecosystem


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Tell your unique story

Your highly-specific business needs fuel the apps available via Ignite Marketplace. Need fast visibility into the performance of your risk models? There’s an app for that. Want to simulate a “what if” situation by swapping out scores? There’s an app for that too.

While Equifax Ignite™ Marketplace is constantly expanding, apps are currently available to help with the following business issues:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Customer Prospecting
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Strategy Simulation