Your data has a story to tell

Get the power to quickly bring it to life

When you need insight about your customers, your products and your business, or even your industry and the broader market, you start with the data. Yet, how do you make the hodgepodge of data you access and own come to life and tell a story that helps you move the needle and grow your business?

At Equifax, we faced similar questions. That’s why three years ago we challenged our dedicated team of experts to think differently about data, to reframe the “storytelling” process. We wanted to simplify and speed up everything, from how we accessed and managed diverse data sources to how we developed, tested and deployed business-specific analytics, scores and models.

Enter: Equifax Ignite™. A revolutionary portfolio of premier data and advanced analytics solutions, Equifax Ignite securely and comprehensively supports the full analytical lifecycle—from data access and transparency to visualization and deployment—using a single, connected suite of advanced analytical processes, technology and tools.

  • Advance your business with our deep expertise around Big Data, specialized risk, fraud and marketing analytics, and our vast industry knowledge. It’s all baked into Equifax Ignite to give your business the intelligence and power of more than 500 data and analytics experts.
  • Confidently move your business forward by quickly drawing relevant, actionable insights from multi-sourced data that’s automatically keyed and linked together
  • Minimize IT dependencies and reduce internal friction due to redundancies and human errors by integrating research, development, and production within a hosted, cloud-based environment for your direct use
  • Enable all internal teams—from executives to risk managers to data scientists—to collaborate on issues and initiatives using a variety of macro and micro views available across three dynamic delivery channels
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See the bigger picture

With big data, some data is related and some isn’t. Using proprietary Equifax keying technology, we assign all records a unique ID, which enables us to link disparate data across multiple sources and show you the most complete picture possible.

Gain peace of mind

When using multiple data sources, security and governance is key. Equifax Ignite follows a thoroughly documented multi-layer security model with role-based and project-based security controlling data access and permissible use.
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Dynamic data delivers dynamic insights

For a true competitive edge, you need to think differently. That’s exactly what Equifax Ignite helps you do by enabling you to easily tap into our diverse, multi-source data so you can better target prospects and customers, improve profitability and grow your business.