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Before your data can tell a story that helps move the needle for your business, you have to first make sense of it, which can be a painfully tedious and protracted process. From accessing and standardizing disparate data from multiple sources, to the development and deployment of models and scores, it can involve many different teams and technology environments, and unfortunately, many months.

Equifax Ignite™ Direct changes all that. It’s a “DIY” solution that that helps empower you to create your own models and scores by giving you direct access to data and tools within a single, secure environment for definition, development, validation and operational deployment. That means, instead of several months, generally you can push models and scores to market in 30 days.

  • No waiting, or hand-offs to IT
  • No interpretation errors
  • Instant feedback and iterations

Three dynamic components comprise Equifax Ignite™ Direct: our Big Data Store, Security and Governance, and Insights Workbench.

Big Data Store

Start analytics weeks sooner with better development data. Equifax Ignite™ Direct gives you access to our massive petabytes of data in our Big Data Store that includes 23 different data feeds from eight core exchanges with more than 60 months of history.

Equifax Exchange Data
Wealth and lifestyle insights, employment and income data, alternative data and more
External Data
Your customer data, new and unstructured data and more
Equifax Transaction Data
Credit data, employment verifications and more
Third-Party Data
Demographic data, auto registration and marketing data, property assessment information and more


Ability to key and link data is a game-changer. In addition to robust data cleansing and management tools, the Big Data Store also includes our proprietary keying and linking technology. It can show you a complete picture of consumers by automatically assigning all records a unique ID, and using that ID to link disparate, yet related data across multiple sources. Without it, you may only get a partial view of consumers; however, with it, you'll have the ability to better understand their credit, lifestyle, payment behaviors, employment and income and much more.

Access Security and Governance

Gain peace of mind with in-depth security coverage and controls. Equifax Ignite™ Direct operates using:

  • A multi-layer security model
  • Role-based and project-based security controlling data access and permissible use
  • Documented data  and model governance rules and procedures
  • A robust metadata repository with information on over 10,000 data points
Insights Workbench

Power the full analytical lifecycle. Within the Equifax Ignite™ Direct environment, you get integrated access to powerful analytical tools that help enable you to:

  • Access high-speed Hadoop tools for ad hoc and data manipulation capabilities
  • Develop, test and manage attributes in a single environment and generate C++ and Java versions of attributes for deployment into production
  • Boost efficiency and accuracy in model development by driving standardization of process and associated SAS programs and more
  • Leverage terabytes of working RAM attached to the Big Data Store for truly integrated SAS capabilities
  • Generate PMML and C++ versions of our SAS models and deploy them without manual recoding
  • Access data visualization and business intelligence capabilities


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